Natalia Cieslak of Appjobs: Five Things You Need To Know To Successfully Manage a Remote Team

Natalia Cieslak grew up in Poland and currently resides in Italy where she remotel manages her team of 20 employees. Natalia has worked for digital startups for the past ten years and is currently the Director of the Future of Work Institute as well as the Head of Member Growth at Appjobs. The foundations of her work are based upon a strong remote work culture and testing the latest innovations with the assistance of her team.

1. Different cultures. 

When working with international teams, miscommunication due to differences in cultures can often be exacerbated by virtual communication, which can naturally be expected.

2. Work-life balance.

This is especially hard when an employee is in a different time zone from the majority of the team which can create a mismatch between working with the team and personal hobbies or spending time with family.

3. Transparency and open processes within the company.

When working at an office people often have a feeling of things being more transparent because they can see who their boss is having a meeting with, during a coffee break a colleague might naturally share what they are waking on at the moment and you see what a colleague is working on.

4. Ensure a common company culture.

This is particularly important for a fast-paced startup environment as a lack of cultural fit can often translate to a misalignment on how to properly perform company workflow processes.

5. Low barriers for communication.