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Storage Host

Rent out your unused space as storage and earn!

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500 USD per year
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Make money off your free space in Indianapolis!

If you read this, you probably have unused spaces in Indianapolis and are thinking about doing something with them. Regardless of the size and location of your property, you can boost your monthly income by listing it on one or more rental sites for free. As of now, rental sites are definitely the most popular platforms in the sharing economy. So why not give them a try?

Indianapolis Private Home/Space Rental

Grow your savings in Indianapolis!

It’s always impossible to speculate how much money one can earn, but if you play your cards right, you can see your savings grow gradually. When setting the prices and arranging your availability, you should gather some information about your neighborhood in Indianapolis. See how much money you can ask for and try to create a unique experience for your guests.

It’s not a secret that more and more people are joining the online communities of hosts, so the competition can be quite intense. Fortunately enough, Indianapolis is a popular tourist destination, so you can expect people coming to enjoy the city landscape or the various races taking place.

What to rent out

All kinds of spaces can be listed, the prices will differ, of course. In extreme cases, a smaller apartment in the city center can cost the same as a large house in the countryside but think about your prices twice. It’s worth the time!

You can rent out your:

• couch
• apartment
• house
• mansion
• farm
• etc.

How to be a popular host

We have no access to statistics, so we can only assume that Airbnb is still one of the most popular platforms. So, in case, you decide to join that, read this blog post about how to be a super host. You can think of all kinds of smaller gifts and such placed in your home to welcome your guests, but, with great and thoughtful communication, you can be on everyone’s top list. That is certain!

You can also explore the topic of gentrification, if that is your main concern since you want to earn some money and be socially responsible at the same time. That’s fantastic, by the way!
Read more about renting parking spots here:

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Private Home / Space Rentals - Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis, IN
Lyft - Indianapolis, IN
Not the gig that will pay your bills. Barely worth the time.
Indianapolis, IN
Housekeeper - Indianapolis, IN
Everything was great, till I was let go for having a miscarriage and they didn’t want to pay for my medical expenses when I was hurt on the job.
Indianapolis, IN
Lyft - Indianapolis, IN
I loved working with Lyft! With the Corona Virus, there had been a little drop but I expect it to become more so of a drop.

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Indianapolis, IN
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Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis, IN

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