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Keen on finding handyman jobs in Indianapolis?

Everyone who owns a house, an apartment, a bike, a radio or some other device knows that things can break. Easily and quickly. So people with great skills are needed to fix them. Be one of the skillful handymen in Indianapolis and earn the money you deserve!

Indianapolis Handyman Jobs

Make your expertise visible and make money off your skills in Indianapolis!

You can now turn your knowledge of cars or electricity systems into profit. Of course, people need to know you exist first. Fortunately enough, there are platforms out there that you can take advantage of. Sign up for either Thumbtack or Your Mechanic and get paid for making things work again in Indianapolis!

Anything sometimes means anything, sometimes not

Okay, so let forget the mystery, clear the air and get to business! The truth is that while you can make easy money off your skills, you don’t have to think of all kinds of tasks to be performed. Generally speaking, platforms operating in the sharing economy focus on easily manageable tasks. However, that does not mean that your special skills can’t be an asset. You only need to sign up for the right platform to get paid for using them!

Think about tools & equipment!

When taking on handyman jobs in Indianapolis, you might need to carry your own tools and equipment with you. This is not the case all the time, but you MUST gather info on it before accepting an odd job. Showing up without the necessary tools can cost you a lot. You can avoid all kinds of troubles by just communicating with your potential clients.

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Overall rating and reviews for Handyman / Handyperson - Indianapolis, IN
Handyman / Handyperson - Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis, IN
Lyft - Indianapolis, IN
Not the gig that will pay your bills. Barely worth the time.
Indianapolis, IN
Housekeeper - Indianapolis, IN
Everything was great, till I was let go for having a miscarriage and they didn’t want to pay for my medical expenses when I was hurt on the job.
Indianapolis, IN
Lyft - Indianapolis, IN
I loved working with Lyft! With the Corona Virus, there had been a little drop but I expect it to become more so of a drop.

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Indianapolis, IN
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Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis, IN

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