Driver jobs in Indianapolis

Step 1
Make good money

Step 2
Work when you want

Step 3
No office, no boss

Drive your car in Indianapolis and get paid!

Cars can bring you not only freedom but also money. With the advent of the sharing economy, more and more people get behind the wheel and start earning some extra cash by driving passengers around in their respective cities. You can join the community of passionate drivers in Indianapolis as well and make some money by taking on driving jobs.

Indianapolis Driver Jobs

Don’t look for but connect with passengers!

Working through Lyft, you don’t have to look for passengers. Whenever there is someone near you in need of a ride, you can accept the request and take that person where she wants to be. Being your own boss as a driver means that you can turn on and off the app whenever you want to. Design your work schedule as you wish! Never miss another meeting with your friends!

So I just sign up for driving jobs…

Well, wait a sec! It’s not that simple. We’re hundred percent sure that you and your car must meet some requirements. Check out those first! When you meet them all, you’re good to go.

For instance, Wrapify probably doesn’t have so strict rules as you don’t have to drive passengers but put an ad on your car.

So reviews matter…

Yes, as you may have guessed. To be considered as a great driver, you need to reach a certain number. The best way to do become a popular driver is to take it easy and adjust to your passengers’ needs.

• Do they want to talk to you? Talk to them!
• Do they want to sit in silence? Let them be!
• Is it a hot summer day? Offer them a bottle of water!
• etc.

The list can go on and on, but you can always be prepared by paying attention to tiny details.

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Overall rating and reviews for Driving - Indianapolis, IN
Driving - Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis, IN
Lyft - Indianapolis, IN
Not the gig that will pay your bills. Barely worth the time.
Indianapolis, IN
Housekeeper - Indianapolis, IN
Everything was great, till I was let go for having a miscarriage and they didn’t want to pay for my medical expenses when I was hurt on the job.
Indianapolis, IN
Lyft - Indianapolis, IN
I loved working with Lyft! With the Corona Virus, there had been a little drop but I expect it to become more so of a drop.

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Indianapolis, IN

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