Freelance jobs in Hong Kong

Step 1
Make good money

Step 2
Work when you want

Step 3
No office, no boss

If you live in Hong Kong, you can earn by working online, or by doing small chores around town. Be a freelancer, work for yourself, and have nobody dictate your schedule or your work routine.

Earn in Hong Kong doing what you love!

Freelance jobs are perfect for:

People who are into entertainment, art, sports, fashion, and all combined. Imagine being a mystery shopper for big brands in the morning, twisting balloons at a kids party next day in the afternoon, and throwing an entertaining concert at night in the weekend!

Your whole week can be filled up with profitable fun jobs!

Maybe you want to walk or drive around Hong Kong to do simple chores and get paid for them! Water plants, water gardens, help people move into their new apartment, do groceries or the like.

Freelancer, Hubstaff Talent, Peopleperhour, Byrd are perfect for those who want to work from a distance and earn doing what they enjoy most! Byrd allows you to take photographs of events in Hong Kong and sell them online.

What’s an easier way to earn?

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Freelance - Hong Kong
Hong Kong
foodpanda - Hong Kong
I like to work in foodpanda as a rider
Hong Kong
FlipKey - Hong Kong
noting goob job
kristopher i.
Hong Kong
PlateCulture - Hong Kong
Depending on the type of space and dining concept, making it work can be great fun but also very challenging, but the hard works and experience can be very fullfilling, and it's a great way to meet interesting people and even great friends. If you love cooking and got a unique space/story to go with it, it's totally worth giving it a try.

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