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Here is how you make money in Hong Kong with your scooter**

Motorcycles, scooters, bikes and cars are all great for transportation in Hong Kong. But they can help you with more than just getting around.

The secret is food delivery.

Food delivery services like Deliveroo, Honestbee, or Foodpanda are getting more popular every day. And tasty food is not the only motivator! Students,or professionals who got tired of the 9-to-5 job schedule, are opting now for flexible delivery jobs in Hong Kong.

I don’t know all Hong Kong streets by heart. What do I do?

Try to drive by yourself for a while, get accustomed to the streets, roundabouts and shortcuts of Hong Kong. Also, take a peek to the general requirements of driving in the city. For all of you who seek adventure and cash on the streets of Hong Kong, GPS will also always lend a helping hand.

All orders come with GPS coordinates!

Is it really a flexible job?

Want to take a week off? No problem!

More than this, you’re in charge of your own working times. You design your own schedule and there’s absolutely nobody that tells you when you have to work and when you mustn’t.

Deliveries at night? Way to go!

Want to work only during weekends! Go for it!

Want to sleep late all mornings! Please, do!

Your are your own boss as a delivery person in Hong Kong!

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