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Become an online teacher in Sweden!

Teaching is not easy. You probably know this if you have ever worked as one.

Teaching in Sweden is even more difficult. Why? Because the Swedish education system is as practical as it is hard to adjust to if you are new to Gothenburg!

If you are just settling into the beautiful city of Gothenburg and are considering teaching opportunities, we have a few recommendations for you!


We get this question a lot. How do you become a teacher in Gothenburg without speaking Swedish?

Well, there are certain classes that are taught entirely in Swedish. And that is going to be your target!

1. Don’t feel down!

it’s important to keep the mood up! If you are a teacher, you probably know this already. Giving up is not acceptable!

2. Brainstorm!

If you have any skills that you can offer, why not try them out on platforms like Udemy and Skillshare?

3. ESL, anyone?

Teaching English as a second language is especially popular among the English-speaking communities around the world. Look for enthusiastic students either online or in person!

4. Love what you do!

This goes without saying and applies to every job! If you don’t love what you do, how can you expect your students to love what you teach?

5. Think big!

If you are a really dedicated instructor, why not start your own business? Look into growing your network, meeting other teachers and students in Gothenburg!

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Teaching - Gothenburg
MOBROG - Gothenburg
Great company? Bullshit. It is a waste of time. There's never any paid surveys that I am elegible for, seems I am only elegible to gift away my time on free surveys. Simply put, a scam.
TidyApp - Gothenburg
Good to get jobs
Muhammad  Y.
Muhammad Y.
TidyApp - Gothenburg
Great app i m using first time kets see how to come the experince

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