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Have a home in Gothenburg? Why not rent it out to friendly tourists to make extra cash!

Gothenburg is slowly becoming a destination spot for international tourists.

Although hotels are decent, they can get a little over-priced for the average tourist. That’s why many tourists are looking for alternatives!

If you have an empty room or a whole property that you can rent out (lucky you!), why not start right now?

Renting out one’s apartment or house is a great way to make extra money for anyone!

Think of this:

In Gothenburg, you could earn up to 1000kr a month by accommodating tourists!

And no, your house doesn’t have to be all that fancy. If it’s clean and cosy, it will do the job! Unlike the popular Airbnb homes that you often see advertised, you don’t really need to have an empty house to make money off hosting platforms.

That’s right! Say you have a sofa bed in your apartment, you could still make money to cover certain costs! It’s even better if you have an empty room. You could rent it out to couples that are in Gothenburg or the weekend.

You have probably heard of subletting! Hosting platforms like Homestay, 9flats and Roomorama are perfect for subletting your apartment. If you are going on holidays, and you want to make safe money off your place, subletting is the best!

What about safety?

Yes, safety is important at all times. That’s why all the platforms take necessary measures such as guest verification through social media, home insurance and customer service that is reachable 24/7!

Check out our list of hosting platforms in Gothenburg and decide for yourself if would make a good host!

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Overall rating and reviews for Private Home / Space Rentals - Gothenburg
Private Home / Space Rentals - Gothenburg
Muhammad  Y.
Muhammad Y.
TidyApp - Gothenburg
Great app i m using first time kets see how to come the experince
Asa G
Homii - Gothenburg
Easy to rent your apartment through Homii in Sweden. The website is super simple and hasn't had any problem with the guests (are they all vetted?)

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