Rent out your car in Gothenburg

Car owner/renter

Earn an extra income by renting out your car in Gothenburg

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400 SEK per rental
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Get an app based job in Gothenburg today!

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Earn extra income
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Make good money

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Work when you want

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No office, no boss

Rent out your vehicle and earn money while enjoying the weather in Gothenburg!

Okay, you might love summer more than winter, but earning money is great in all seasons, isn’t it? You can open the tap of money in Gothenburg now if you own a vehicle that you can list online and rent out to some people in urgent need for one.

Gothenburg Private Car/Vehicle Rental

Let your vehicle do the hard work in Gothenburg!

Unfortunately, we are not able to say that you can forget work forever, but you can earn some extra money easily. Without doing so much actually. You must handle the keys, but nothing more, really. You can even have a safe deposit box or something where the keys must be returned. It’s up to you how you manage it. Whatever methods you choose, you can have your preferences and rent out your vehicle when you wish. No pressure!

Is it safe to rent out my vehicle in Gothenburg?

We think so. Every platform has an insurance policy. However, you must read about it before signing up – to see whether that applies to your vehicle or not. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

What to rent out in Gothenburg?

As of May 2018, it can be your boat or car. Don’t forget to check in with us in the future, new companies might pop up on your screen.

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Overall rating and reviews for Private Car Rentals - Gothenburg
Private Car Rentals - Gothenburg
Muhammad  Y.
Muhammad Y.
TidyApp - Gothenburg
Great app i m using first time kets see how to come the experince
Asa G
Homii - Gothenburg
Easy to rent your apartment through Homii in Sweden. The website is super simple and hasn't had any problem with the guests (are they all vetted?)

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