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Guide tourists in Gothenburg and get paid!

Your love and passion for your beloved city named Gothenburg can make your wallet a bit heavier – even if cash is disappearing in Sweden. By signing up for a platform designed specifically for local guides can be your next big thing.

Why? We’re about to tell you that. So read further!

Gothenburg Local tour guide jobs

Make money as a local tourist guide in Gothenburg!

Every city has thousands of faces. The only problem is that we tend to dash for everything in it. After all, we are human beings who always need to be somewhere. But now you can slow down and show your city to some curious tourists arriving from the USA or Canada or another place. As a local guide, you’ll take them to see all the interesting spots everyone should see while in Gothenburg.

How much do I need to work?

There is no such thing as you need to… Work as much as you can or want in Gothenburg! If you have the time and energy, this can be your part-time job. No strings attached! When you sign up, you create a profile that suits your needs – including declaring your prices. Try to be as concise as possible and always showcase great communication manners.

What to show to travellers in Gothenburg?

Our advice is to introduce your Gothenburg not your neighbours’. You can be as creative as you wish. The southern archipelago is a popular sightseeing spot, but you can add a twist and eat also lunch somewhere nice and unexpected. What about a picnic on one of the islands?

Find some inspiration here and here.

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Local Guiding - Gothenburg
TidyApp - Gothenburg
Good to get jobs
Muhammad  Y.
Muhammad Y.
TidyApp - Gothenburg
Great app i m using first time kets see how to come the experince
Asa G
Homii - Gothenburg
Easy to rent your apartment through Homii in Sweden. The website is super simple and hasn't had any problem with the guests (are they all vetted?)

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