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You can become a home chef in Gothenburg now!

Admit it, you also like cooking. That’s why you have so many cookbooks lying around in your apartment.

That’s also why you are obsessed with cooking shows, and Jamie Oliver in particular.

Although cooking is fun as a hobby, you probably never thought of cooking as a real job.

What you are going to read now can change your mind.

What if you could cook at home, have your food delivered to food lovers in Gothenburg and make money? You could even decide your own menu and be your own boss!

Your online restaurant would be all about your choices, pricing or schedule. No waiting tables or dealing with coins either! If you want to make money preparing delicious meals for your customers from the comfort of your own kitchen, selling your meals online is a great way to start!

For beginners or experts, we recommend Wünderchef! It is one of the leaders in cooking platforms in Sweden. To each his own, but well, it goes without saying that you need to be able to cook! However, you won’t need a certification of your talents most of the time!

You can make a name for yourself and even become famous working whenever you want!

Start cooking now and have your recipes delivered in Gothenburg!

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Home Cooking - Gothenburg
MOBROG - Gothenburg
Great company? Bullshit. It is a waste of time. There's never any paid surveys that I am elegible for, seems I am only elegible to gift away my time on free surveys. Simply put, a scam.
TidyApp - Gothenburg
Good to get jobs
Muhammad  Y.
Muhammad Y.
TidyApp - Gothenburg
Great app i m using first time kets see how to come the experince

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