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The City

Gothenburg is an industrial city of medium size and an international hub, and soon it turns 400 years old. Sweden’s second largest urban area was built in collaboration with other countries. Today it has been trying to attract as many international students as possible. As Volvo has its headquarter here and can offer plenty of job opportunities, however, while studying, you might need to get by.

Therefore, AppJobs is a perfect site to launch your job hunt. We’ll tell you why!

Gothenburg and The Gig Economy

The city situated on the west coast of Sweden clearly aims at developing, and follows the lead of other urban areas regarding the sharing economy. While the housing prices are still a bit lower in Gothenburg than in Stockholm, some app- or web-based extra jobs would easily contribute to your monthly budget. A wide range of gigs could be done and most of them don’t require any previous experience.

In all cases, you can improve your current situation without any help from others by working flexible hours part-time or only at weekends.

  1. Specialised individuals could experience how fruitful is to work as a freelancer and/or online teacher or tutor in Gothenburg. It’s an unwritten rule that Swedish is a must to get a great job in Sweden. So why not offer Swedish (or other) lessons or speed up the development of your business by taking freelance jobs in Gothenburg?

  2. Delivery driver and ‘simple’ driving jobs attract those who have access to either a car or a bike. Gothenburg is definitely not as flat as Malmö, but riding in the city should not mean a problem. A cobweb of bike lanes could lead you anywhere in town.

  3. Spending some time in Sweden, you realise you can prepare fish and potato in many different ways, and you always need to look for things. Information circulates but expats can hardly be informed about the unique and special events. You should change that! As a local guide in Gothenburg, you could provide an amazing tour for everyone interested. As a home chef, you would showcase your cooking skills and destroy the stereotype, and make something extraordinary yet ordinary in your kitchen.

  4. The importance of pet sitting in Sweden tends to amuse many. If you walk around in the city, you’ll see plenty of sitters or even pet hotels. Not only pet sitters but also babysitters and senior care providers can find something suitable for them in Gothenburg.

  5. People in Sweden always opt for convenience. Therefore, cleaners and handymen could easily find clients in Gothenburg. A few websites and app already available so look them up and see if there is something you like.

  6. If you think your crafts would sell, sign up for some sites and sell your crafted objects worldwide!

  7. For passive income, we recommend you to sign up for a home- or vehicle-rental site. Plenty of them is waiting for homeowners to list their homes and welcome guests from all over the world. Thousands of people arrive every year to check out the Northern Lights and we can imagine them exploring other parts of Sweden before or after their Arctic trip. Your home in Majorna, Mölndal, Haga, Tyresö and elsewhere is your asset, use it! (You can even rent out your tools and devices stored in your garage in Linnégatan.)

Lycka till i Göteborg!

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Part-time and weekend jobs in Gothenburg
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Great company? Bullshit. It is a waste of time. There's never any paid surveys that I am elegible for, seems I am only elegible to gift away my time on free surveys. Simply put, a scam.
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Good to get jobs
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Muhammad Y.
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Great app i m using first time kets see how to come the experince

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