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Take up a job as a pet sitter in Glasgow. Make yourself and the pets happy!

So many pet owners in Glasgow are looking for people who will take good care of their beloved pets. You can connect with them on one of the available platforms in Glasgow, make good money and play with cats, dogs, hamsters and all kinds of other cute little creatures!

We promise you that you’ll ask yourself why you haven’t thought about this earlier!

Here are some of the perks of being a pet sitter in Glasgow:

• Taking up pet sitting is super flexible! You can work according to your availability: full time, part time or occasionally. You can accept and decline booking requests and you can even have your regulars clients, which is always good, because the pets get to know and feel comfortable with you.

• You can choose the kind of animals you will pet sit for. You might get along with cats and love dogs, but dislike sitting for reptiles or hamsters. Simply choose your gigs according to your liking.

• You can set your own rates for your services!

• You can choose what services you will be giving: home boarding, grooming, dog walking, house visits, veterinarian etc.

So go ahead, pick the pet sitting platforms that are available in Glasgow and start earning money by making cute pets and their owners happy!

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Pet Sitter - Glasgow
Lauren B.
Lauren B.
MOBROG - Glasgow
Bad didn’t get money
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Tailster - Glasgow
Hi im new here so just hoping to find a job

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