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Sell beauty and fashion products directly and make money on your own schedule


20 GBP per hour

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What is Avon?

You have surely heard of Avon, a world known beauty and fashion brand, that uses direct sales for its products and has 130 years of proven success!

You can jump on board as a sales representative and make money working on a schedule that you will be in charge of! You will be selling cosmetics, perfumes, fashion items and more to women in your social circle and beyond.

It is a perfect opportunity, if your life does not permit for a full time job where you physically have to be at every day. With Avon you can earn some extra money on your own terms, always in control where and when you will work. And what’s more, no experience or qualifications are necessary!

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How much Avon pays in Glasgow

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Rating of compensation

How much you will earn depends on how many hours you will invest in the Avon business. You could make around $20 per hour if you invest around 10 hours per week.

Avon requirements in Glasgow

  • Avon asks you to prove you have the following:
  • Avon hasn’t provided any information

Does it take a long time to sign up?

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Working with Avon in Glasgow

Enjoy your benefits with Avon:

  • work with a premier brand

  • work how many hours per week you want

  • work in your own area

  • be the first to try Avon’s innovative and award-winning products

  • enjoy full time support, training and advice

  • earn up to 25% commissions on your sales - the more you work, the more you earn

  • become a Sales Leader teaching others how to sell and earn bonus commission payments

How do I apply for Avon in Glasgow?

Apply with your personal information on Avon’s website here.

Skills/experience/other information

You just need to be 18 or older to join Avon. No experience is required!

Does Avon have enough tasks to complete?

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Employment type: part-time / weekend / flexible

Working hours: own schedule

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