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Let your car do the job in Frankfurt!

Just to clarify: we’re not envisioning you owning a self-driving car. Rather, we’re about to tell you how you can earn some extra euros by renting out your car. You have one task only: handing over the keys to your clients somewhere. Be that at the Eisernes Steg, the Main Tower, the Skyline Plaza, etc. That should not be such a burden in exchange for some money, right?

Frankfurt Private Car/Vehicle Rental

Good for you, great for the planet!

Of course, the current level of carbon dioxide emission is a threat to our planet, but… By listing your car on car-sharing sites, you might discourage someone to buy a new one. It’s perfectly understandable to keep a vehicle in one’s garage, but the traffic in Frankfurt can be pretty tough in rush hours. Therefore, it’s not necessarily worth purchasing a vehicle.

What are some of the important details?

In Frankfurt, you decide on:

• when and for how long to make your car available
• whom can use your car
• how much your clients must pay

Some, in fact, set a minimum number of hours to receive a certain amount of money each time. Maybe it’s something you should also ponder on a bit. And educate yourself about what kind of tax you might need to pay in Germany.

What kind of insurance do I need?

For starters, check out what the platform you sign up for says. They might provide insurance, they might ask you to arrange one yourself. Besides that, you can always turn to your insurance company and ask for advice.

Who can rent my car in Frankfurt?

Only vetted drivers. Everyone must confirm their identity. By the way, you as well. We’d advise you to look into what vehicles are allowed on the chosen platform(s). Based on our experiences, your car must be younger than x years. And it must have gone through a vehicle inspection.

Safety comes first!

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