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5 things to consider before getting the best care job in Frankfurt! [A checklist]

Walk pooches, water plants, and snuggle fluffy cats while getting paid for it! Did you ever want a job that’s a walk in the park? For this is exactly what a care job is! Keep up with your expectations, keep walking, and start making money clinking now!

The thing is:

Getting a care job might sound easy. But getting a care job that suits you, entertains you, and makes you feel all glittery and joyful inside is a bit harder. That’s why, I put together a tiny checklist for you to consider and go through…

…before getting the care jobs of your dreams!

A checklist for a well-suited care job in Frankfurt!##

Honesty, honesty, honesty! A key factor in having a pleasurable care experience is being honest with yourself, in its entirety. Most importantly:

Be honest with what you like

You might enjoy spending time with dogs over cats, or 10-year-olds versus 5-year-olds. It’s nothing wrong with that - on the contrary, you might even  write your preferences on your profile. This way, you will get selected for the jobs you would like most!

Be honest what you can or can’t do

Taking care of very small children, for instance, can be physically draining. Each care job requires a different set of skills and various amounts of patience. Read on children’s development throughout ages & understand what you can or can not handle at your age and experience.

The same goes for pets

Some people are afraid of big dogs, and others are allergic to cat hair. Be mindful of what your idiosyncrasies are, and don’t hesitate to act accordingly!

• That’s why it’s important to know your limits.

Know when you get tired, or your endless fountain of patience stops being so endless. This way, you will avoid over-stressful incidents and you won’t end up in unpleasant work situations.

• Know your favourite walking spots & parks in Frankfurt

Knowing your favourite tips & tricks in playing with pets, knowing your favourite spots around town, will prove you have a good knowledge of what you do and will get you a nice job in an instant.

List your preferences on your profile now and start getting the dearest and fluffiest of requests!

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