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Share your love for Frankfurt with tourists!

Do you have better ideas regarding what to do in Frankfurt? Do you think some of the gems in the city deserve more attention? Are you willing to show them to travellers? Do you aim at making also some money with it?

Providing that you have the enthusiasm, you should sign up for a platform designed to connect locals with tourists.

Frankfurt Local Guiding

Spice up your life with unique tours and earn money!

The beauty of working as a tour guide in Frankfurt is that you will have fun. No signs of work will be detected actually. Why? Because you’ll be planning city tours driven by your passions and interests. If you’re into architecture, you’ll be showing Römer, the Goethe House, the Main Tower, etc. to your clients. If you can talk about food for hours, design a tour centred about the local cuisine.

You will not only enjoy yourself but also make some money!

I work full-time. What should I do?

Guide a tour when you’re free. That can be after you finished with your full-time job, at weekends, when you’ve got a day off. Practise your social skills whenever you can. Some platforms might have a minimum number of tours per week. However, those should be manageable even if you’re a full-time employee somewhere in Frankfurt.

What if you worked only 80%? With platforms such as Vayable, you set your own prices. If your tour attracts many people, you might able to earn just enough. Think about it!

What else do I need to know in Frankfurt?

We encourage you to read about taxation. Every country has their peculiarities. Start here! Also, no certificate is needed to become a tour guide. Professional guides are more than welcome to join the sites as well, though.

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