Delivery driver jobs in Frankfurt

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Make good money

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Work when you want

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No office, no boss

Ride your bike in Frankfurt for money!

We also have to tell you that you must carry some weights. Nothing dangerously heavy, only a few boxes, as you’ll be crossing the iconic Alte Brücke as a delivery driver. Devoting a few hours per week to pick up and drop off some food and other products, you’ll be able to earn some pocket money. With 20 or 30 hours, saving some of it can become a possibility, too.

Frankfurt Delivery jobs

Deliver, earn and have fun in Frankfurt!

Riding 40 or even more kilometres a day is not for everyone. That’s a fact. However, students choose to do flexible delivery jobs to make some money. Imagine that it’s the end of the month and only a slice of salami is in your kitchen? That’s when you can turn on an app and take some orders in Frankfurt. Sounds unrealistic?

It should not. With apps like Foodora or Deliveroo, no schedules are predetermined. You can always earn some extra money whenever your wallet or bank account is getting empty.

How and what to deliver in Frankfurt?

Let’s discuss the “how” first. Sometimes having access to a car or a scooter is actually a prerequisite. Not always, though. It is decided by the platforms themselves. If not on the front page, but somewhere on the website this must be specified. The same applies to the “what” as well. Food still ranks as number one. In addition to that, all kinds of devices can make a list now.

When to deliver?

That’s a great question. As you assume, working during lunch and dinner time could result in more orders. Nonetheless, don’t feel pressured. Accept delivery jobs when you can! Freelancers follow a hectic lifestyle so they might eat lunch when others are drinking their afternoon tea.

For additional motivation!

Read our interview with a Foodora rider and/or watch the video below.

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