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Independent Delivery Driver

Deliver things around Dallas, TX and earn cash

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20 USD per hour
What you need
Resources required


Spend your day riding around the city in Dallas and let DoorDash show what flexibility truly is!

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60 USD per day
What you need
Resources required
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Make good money

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Work when you want

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No office, no boss

Take on one of the numerous delivery jobs available in Dallas!

With the advent of online services like Amazon, eBay, people are getting more and more comfortable with ordering stuff including food online. Fortunately, the on-demand delivery service is flourishing in Dallas as well, so plenty of delivery gigs are available in town. You can now sign up for any company you like to become a delivery driver and earn some extra dollars monthly.

Dallas Delivery Jobs

Make money by carrying out flexible delivery jobs in Dallas!

The best part of doing deliveries as part of the shared economy is that you’re in charge. You can find delivery jobs easily near you. You can work whenever, wherever and as much as you’d like and see your saving account growing.

What can I deliver in Dallas?

Many companies are specialized in food delivery, but don’t ask us why! Probably because they think people are hungry all the time. Okay, we’re just kidding!

Besides food, you might end up delivering:

small packages
a bouquet of flowers
and many more

How can I become a deliverer in Dallas?

Well, there is not so much tell about this, since the entire process is so simple. But here are a few steps you need to follow:

Check out all the companies operating in Dallas!
Read about the requirements and sign up for the companies you like!
In some cases you need to go through security checks! Nothing to be worried about, though.
Browse on the platform and accept the gigs you like and have the capacity to do.
Start delivering by driving your car or scooter or riding your bike.

All payments go through online, and many companies included a tipping system in their service. So with a nice smile, you can earn even more money!

Work either part-time or full-time, we wish you nothing but the best!


What is delivery driver hourly pay rate in Dallas, TX?

Earnings may vary depending on the company and other factors but the average sum for a delivery driver in Dallas, TX is $8-12 per hour.

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