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Make money charging scooters with Bird and get paid daily in Dallas


5-20 USD per job

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Bird scooter charger jobs in Dallas, TX

What is Bird?

If you believe so, you should check out Bird.

By joining the platform, you could make some dollars daily.

Payment comes right away in the morning!

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How much Bird pays in Dallas, TX

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Rating of compensation

We recommend you to add your bank account info asap. That’s the key to get your money the morning after you’ve charged some scooters. Usually, you can earn $5-20 per every Bird scooter in Dallas.

Read the post how to make money charging scooters on our blog!

Bird requirements in Dallas, TX

  • Bird asks you to prove you have the following:
  • Bird hasn’t provided any information

Does it take a long time to sign up?

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Working with Bird in Dallas, TX

Yes, you only need some physical strengths when collecting the scooters.

We could see people riding their bikes carrying at least three of them.

Meaning: owning a car is not a necessity.

Plan how and when to earn extra money in Dallas!

But some plugs are!

When the scooters of the desired number are standing on the floor in your living room in Dallas, you can start thinking about how to spend the money earned with them. Of course, don’t forget to charge them.

Your earnings made in Dallas will be transferred to you automatically in the morning after. Always.

So check at least twice that your payment info is updated. You don’t want to miss your salary because you mistyped a number.

While playing hide and seek is fun, the app will always show you where the Bird scooters can be found in Dallas. You go there directly, but only when you prefer to do so. If you are alright and have no intention to make some extra dollars, you mute the app.

Pretty simple and straightforward.

Courtesy of Bird.

How do I apply for Bird in Dallas, TX?

Create a profile on Birds’ website and download the app. Learn about its functions and start your birdwatching journey in Dallas soon.

Skills/experience/other information

You must:

• be 18 and/or older
• have the legal rights to work in Dallas, Texas (USA)
• have the status of an auto-entrepreneur

Does Bird have enough tasks to complete?

No task availability added yet.Were you happy with the number of tasks available for you to do?

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