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Independent Delivery Driver

Deliver things around Dallas, TX and earn cash

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20 USD per hour
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Passionate about pets? Check out pawTree!

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The City

Dallas is among the fastest-growing cities in the United States of America, so things are changing pretty fast. Life is still cheaper here as in most of the other bigger cities, so if you’re able to deal with the heat in Texas, you can comfortably feel home in Dallas. In case you find the rental prices a bit high, we have ideas about how to make some extra money weekly.

Dallas and The Gig Economy

All you need is some time to do some gigs in Dallas to earn and save up some money. Skilled and less skilled individuals are all welcome to take a look at the platforms connecting you with families with kids, pet and/or individuals with some problems to be fixed in their house. You blink once, and there is a new peer-to-peer platform launching their service here.

Register, design your schedule, set your prices if that’s the case, and be your own boss in Dallas!

• Planning to spend some time with kids, seniors, and pets? Browse the job opportunities for babysitters, senior care providers and pet sitters in Dallas!

• Aiming at earning but not working? Sign up for a rental site and list your home or some tools and devices you barely use at home. A certain amount of passive income is guaranteed regardless of the neighborhood in Dallas!

• Offering online courses or doing some freelance work in your specialized field? Select among online teaching or freelance jobs!

• Being a certified massage therapist? Visit individuals who need a relaxing time!

• Interested in showing off your cooking skills or your knowledge of Dallas! Sign up as a home chef or guide tours in Dallas!

• Would you rather stick to doing the most common gigs? Take on some flexible delivery driver and driving jobs!

• Enjoying spending time around the house fixing or cleaning stuff? Handyman, housekeeping, cleaning, and house sitter jobs are for you, for sure!

• If you’re a designer or an artist, you can even set up your business on a site like Etsy and sell your products! On Fiverr, you can go kind of crazy and offer relatively odd services, too!

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Rating and reviews for Dallas, TX

Part-time and weekend jobs in Dallas, TX
Sean E.
Sean E.
Dallas, TX
Grubhub - Dallas, TX
I love grub hub
Danish Z.
Dallas, TX
Lyft - Dallas, TX
They don’t pay you enough on gas and miles.
Alexia A.
Alexia A.
Dallas, TX
Sittercity - Dallas, TX
me gusta los animales jugar banar todo

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