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Can YOU become a dog walker in Copenhagen? TEST IT OUT!

You love pets and you are looking for a job.

Then you hear about that friend of a friend who makes 800kr per day walking her neighbor’s dog. That’s where pet care jobs might seem like the perfect opportunity.

But stop! Not everyone will make a good pet sitter, and this is regardless of how much they love animals.

That’s why we have prepared a quick guide for you to find out if you are cut out for pet care in Copenhagen! If you can tick off 3 conditions out of 5, then you are a good fit!

  1. You have owned a pet before

This must go without saying. If you haven’t spent enough time around pets and if you are naive enough to attempt to pet a cat’s belly as it is stretching, then you are probably not a good fit.

Volunteer at a shelter or watch a friend’s dog before applying again!

  1. Patience

Heard of urinary tract infection, cat asthma, diarrhea? Well, pet sitting is actually not all about watching the pet.

And trust me, it’s not always pretty.

A pet is very much like a child. They might seem all cute and fun from the outside, but get ready for trouble in your house!

  1. You can keep yourself busy

If you cannot keep yourself busy at a stranger’s house for a couple of hours, then pet sitting might be dreadful.

If you roll your eyes and sigh at this step, then think again. You might be expected to watch a pet for up to 5-6 hours sometimes. It’s best to get busy before you end up super bored!

  1. No panic!

If you panic easily and cannot stand stressful situations, then pet sitting is not ideal for you.

As stated earlier, pets are exactly like children. They get themselves in trouble, they cry, and they cry loud.
Say the cat you are sitting starts to vomit, what do you do?

Do you freak out and lock the cat in the bathroom, or actually call a vet and try to clean the mess up?

Additionally, you must also know if your pet seems sick, if there is a change in its appetite or if it doesn’t feel like walking today.

  1. Flexible schedule

If you already have a full time job and you are looking to supplement your income, your pet sitting journey will only go so far. Pet owners usually recruit walkers and sitters with flexible schedules.

That is not to say that you cannot get a pet sitting job, but it will be difficult to find an owner whose schedule will suits yours.

So, would you make a good pet sitter?

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Overall rating and reviews for Pet Sitter - Copenhagen
Pet Sitter - Copenhagen
Jack C.
Jack C.
Wolt - Copenhagen
Typical bogus 'self employment' job.
abi z.
abi z.
Wolt - Copenhagen
am new and yet to learn about it
Monica D.
Monica D.
Freelancer - Copenhagen
Is not a place to make money. Just an illusion. Very low payments.

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