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Show your Copenhagen to others and get paid for it!

One can find tons of information in a guidebook, but learning from a local is always more interesting. As a local guide in Copenhagen, you can show tourists around and earn some money at the same time. You can be the one who tells stories that no guidebooks could tell!

Copenhagen Local tour guide jobs

Design tours, meet travellers and get paid in Copenhagen!

Local guides in Copenhagen can design a unique and greatly personalised experience for others to help them learn about the city, its history, traditions, etc. All of us see places differently, which means your tour will be one of a kind. You can do it part-time or have it as a side job. In either case, you will undeniably make someone’s stay in Copenhagen special.

Be a local guide without any experience!

Luckily, no previous experience needed as a tour guide. Of course, it can be of great advantage if you have some. However, with fantastic communication skills, you can become a pro under a relatively short period of time. You only need passion, enthusiasm and love for the city of Copenhagen. When you’ve got that, let your tour guide persona reflect that!

What kind of tours should I think of?

No rules, whatsoever. Let’s say you’re an architect in Copenhagen, design an architecture tour then! Copenhagen is a gold mind when it comes to that, one can talk hours about urbanism. If you’re more into food, create a tour for visiting the best restaurants in town. The list can go on and on. Our advice is, though, to be original! You can find some inspiration here!

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Overall rating and reviews for Local Guiding - Copenhagen
Local Guiding - Copenhagen
Jack C.
Jack C.
Wolt - Copenhagen
Typical bogus 'self employment' job.
abi z.
abi z.
Wolt - Copenhagen
am new and yet to learn about it
Monica D.
Monica D.
Freelancer - Copenhagen
Is not a place to make money. Just an illusion. Very low payments.

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