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Danish food – the most underrated cuisine in the world?

When you picture of Denmark, you don’t necessarily think of food. Actually, maybe food is the last thing that crosses your mind.

Mermaids, EU criteria and booze are elements that reflect Denmark a bit better. However, there is more to Denmark than polite and reserved people!

Why is this even noteworthy?

Here is why: lots of cuisines are underrated in the world. Although Copenhagen attracts tourists for every season, most of them rarely know what Danish cuisine is all about. Mermaids are not everything!

So, not only are we here to change that; but we want to shed light on an underrated part in the tourism industry. Good news, if you reside in Copenhagen, you can take on the challenge as well.


  1. Fish!

You probably know that eating fish is highly beneficial to your health because of its Omega 3 content. Danes are aware of this, that’s why they have come up with great ways to incorporate fish into simple meals.

Take fish frikadeller, for example! These Danish fish cakes are healthy, easy and very tasty!

You can find fresh and delicious fish in Copenhagen! Check out Torvehallerne!

  1. Danish meatballs

Sweden, watch out!

Meatballs are indeed a Swedish thing, but Danes have already figured out how to make this simple yet tasty dish even better, especially given how culturally similar both countries are!

Check out this delicious recipe for inspiration!

  1. Pølse

Hot dog lovers, unite! Pølse is Danes’ take on a traditional hot dog, topped with hot mustard, tangy pickles, and delicious onion bits!

You have probably already seen hot dog stands on the streets of Copenhagen, but these delicious hot dogs are very easy to recreate!

  1. Danish or wienerbrød

Fellow North Americans, as soon as you walk into a Danish bakery, you will be probably be disappointed to find out that the Danish is not really Danish.

Instead, Danes call this delicacy wienerbrød and make it so creamy and fluffy that you will never want to get back to eating the artificial kind. A perfect compliment to your afternoon tea!

  1. Smørrebrød
    For breakfast, lunch and dinner…

Danes cannot get enough of these cold sandwiches! If you have lived in Copenhagen for some time, chances are that you have eaten hundreds of these rye-bread sandwiches.

They are simple and delicious! The best part is that it doesn’t take much effort to make your own smørrebrød. Take some bread, vegetables, meat or fish and mustard. Assemble your open-faced sandwich and enjoy a Danish favorite!

Congratulations! Now you know the basics of Danish cuisine!

So how can you make money with this knowledge?

Well, if you are a resident of Copenhagen and interested in sharing your recipes (Danish or non-Danish) with tourists, you can have a fun night in with good company and make money!

Check out platforms that allow you to invite food lovers to your small Danish home! *It’s only a click away!

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Home Cooking - Copenhagen
Jack C.
Jack C.
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abi z.
Wolt - Copenhagen
am new and yet to learn about it
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Monica D.
Freelancer - Copenhagen
Is not a place to make money. Just an illusion. Very low payments.

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