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Cleaning jobs in Copenhagen available throughout the year!

No matter what background you have, you can get yourself a cleaning job in Copenhagen any minute now. You only need to check out the platforms operating in the city, choose one or more and sign up. After the sign-up process is finished and you’re approved, you can start taking on housekeeping jobs across Copenhagen. It can be your part-time or side job without much effort.

Copenhagen Cleaning jobs

Work as a cleaner on your own terms in Copenhagen!

When considering taking on cleaning jobs in Copenhagen, you can also start making your holiday plans. Signing up for platforms gives you the freedom and flexibility you might not have experienced so much so far. Set an hourly rate, list your services, and indicate your availability and preferred neighbourhoods in Copenhagen you’d like to work in.

Be your own boss and never miss a cheap last-minute trip ever!

What kind of services can I offer?

You should tell us! It is you who can decide. You can think of basic household chores, for example. It also depends on the agreement with your client. If you visit them every week, you probably don’t have to perform a deep clean on every occasion. It is best to look at what services others offer, and make a list on your own.

Do only what you do with great confidence!

Don’t have any experience?

Don’t worry about that! Everyone can sign up and people without experiences are welcome as well. Of course, you must work extremely hard at the beginning of your cleaner career to convince people you’re worth hiring. Our advice is to be honest and learn from the pros. You can begin with reading about how to get a cleaning job.

Do you plan to start cleaning career and want to know how much do cleaners and housekeepers make? Go to our blog!

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Overall rating and reviews for Cleaning - Copenhagen
Cleaning - Copenhagen
Jack C.
Jack C.
Wolt - Copenhagen
Typical bogus 'self employment' job.
abi z.
abi z.
Wolt - Copenhagen
am new and yet to learn about it
Monica D.
Monica D.
Freelancer - Copenhagen
Is not a place to make money. Just an illusion. Very low payments.

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