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Copenhagen is the place to be! It is young, hip and full of highlights. Whether you stay only for a short trip or plan on living here, Copenhagen is a city you will never forget.

Here are 4 MUST SEEs in Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid
I know the statue itself is rather small and I also know that it is a picture all Copenhagen tourists have. However, it’s simply one of those international sights that you must see. The sculpture was created in 1913, inspired by the well-known fairytale by and as a tribute to the author Hans Christian Andersen.

Part-time / weekend jobs in Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens
Tivoli Gardens is one the world’s oldest theme parks and it’s an unforgettable place for fun park lover as well as for people who just want to enjoy a walk through the city.

Just like the little mermaid, Nyhavn is a famous photo motif for tourists in Copenhagen. The tall painted houses on both sides of the canal shapes this historic waterfront area where old wooden ships are still moored. In summer, it’s one of the best places to drink your coffee or beer.

Part-time / weekend jobs in Copenhagen

Christiania is a commune that was established as a counter culture movement. It is as a peaceful park, with historic army warehouses and barracks taken over by artists’ studios, organic shops, restaurants and music venues.

All of these sights make Copenhagen unique. If you want to join the local community and make a living in this beautiful city, why don’t you have a look at AppJob’s website and start working as a local tour guide or home chef in Copenhagen?

Rating and reviews for Copenhagen

Part-time and weekend jobs in Copenhagen
Jack C.
Jack C.
Wolt - Copenhagen
Typical bogus 'self employment' job.
abi z.
abi z.
Wolt - Copenhagen
am new and yet to learn about it
Monica D.
Monica D.
Freelancer - Copenhagen
Is not a place to make money. Just an illusion. Very low payments.

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