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Give online lessons and give something back to the world!

…and find new ways to earn money in Columbus. The cost of living is slightly below the national average, but why not boost your monthly income by teaching a subject, right? You can be a certified teacher or “only” an enthusiastic expert, opportunities are waiting for you in Ohio. What is more, by teaching, you can meet people from all over the world and learn about them as well.

Columbus Teaching

What to teach

Languages like English, Spanish, German, Russian, Indonesian, etc. or some subjects also related to humanities, or science. Your knowledge and skills determine this, really. For example, you’re a native English speaker majoring in English right now. Well, that qualifies you to become an English teacher on Lingoda or Preply. However, if you love equations and know what sine, cosine, and tangent mean, you’ll be a perfect match teacher. If your skill set includes something technological, Savvy is your platform.

How to teach

With a grin on your face! Besides that, you can think of doing online and offline as well as pre-taped and live lessons. This depends on the sites you sign up for. If you have preferences, you should definitely start with reading about the conditions and requirements.

As a teacher, some pedagogical skills must be showcased. Also communicate clearly, especially when tutoring foreigners. Stick to standard pronunciation! Use tools and devices that help transfer your messages. For example, a whiteboard and permanent markers could be utilized to show the differences between verbs and nouns.

Whatever subjects you hold lessons on, make sure you have a plan for each class. So you will see to go from where to where. This will function as a compass for you to be able to navigate your students.

What to know

First and foremost, your subjects – exhaustively. Although you’ll be able to write about your level of knowledge when creating your profile(s). As for administrative and financial tasks, keep in mind that you must take care of your own bookkeeping. Or you can probably find a company in Columbus that does it for you.

What about some advice?

If you have never been filmed before, try to get used to it. Shoot some videos of yourself to get comfortable in front of the camera.

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