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Storage Host

Rent out your unused space as storage and earn!

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500 USD per year
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Your home can be a money machine in Columbus

With the advent of the sharing economy, everything people own can become a profitable asset – your home in Columbus as well. You can turn it into profit quickly and easily. You only need to list it on an online platform and let people move in for a bit. The sum you can make with it depends on the characteristics of your home, of course, but even less money is more than nothing, right?

Columbus Private Home/Space Rental

List your free space and make some money with it in Columbus!

You might think that Columbus, Ohio is not the most popular tourist destination in the USA. In reality, the travel and tourism industry is constantly growing, and Columbus is one of the most-popular destinations for Airbnb users in the Midwest, for example. Therefore, it might be a good idea for you to join one or more platforms now and list your free space. With a bit of effort once or twice a month, you could earn added income monthly.

How to sign up and what to rent out in Columbus

  1. Start your research on Columbus’s page and see what kind of companies are operating in Columbus!

  2. Read about them, check out the requirements and sign up for the one(s) you like!

  3. Create a profile describing your place and add some photos!

  4. Wait for requests and start earning!

It can be stated that renting out homes, including couches, houses, apartments, mansions, etc., is still the most popular way of benefitting from the sharing economy, but you can now rent out your parking space as well.

How to make the most of the experience

You must enjoy the experience first, that’s crucial. The best part is that you can rent out your space whenever you don’t use it or have the time and energy to do it. It’s not like once you’ve signed you needed to do constantly. Especially, there might be some regulations in Ohio.

Watch this video and read this blog post to become a super host with Airbnb asap. But you can certainly use the knowledge gained while renting out your free space with other platforms as well.
Read more about renting parking spots here:

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Private Home / Space Rentals - Columbus, OH
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Columbus, OH
Kenny W.
Kenny W.
Columbus, OH
Instacart - Columbus, OH
It’s a pretty cool job if you like to work on your own time with no one telling you what to do haha

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