Private Car Rentals in Columbus, OH

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What a vehicle you have? Why not rent it out in Columbus?

By signing up for an online platform available in your city, you could be making money while enjoying your day lying on your couch or doing some work. The money earned could pay for your gas or a nice present to your best friend.

Columbus Private Car/Vehicle Rental

How to sign up?

Pick a company, see if you and your vehicle meet the requirements and register. You’ll be asked to submit some documents to be approved. After that, you can just wait for requests and enjoy the money made by doing basically nothing in Columbus.

What to rent out?

As of March 2018, you can only list your:

• RV
• motorbike

We highly recommend you to visit Columbus’s page regularly to be informed about the new platforms launched.

What about safety and insurance?

Renters must be verified in all cases regardless of the platform. Depending on the sites, either you are provided with access to insurance or you can ask for a deposit. So in case something happens to your vehicle during the period of time it’s being rented, you’ll get the money that covers the expenses you need to pay to have it fixed.

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Private Car Rentals - Columbus, OH
Kenny W.
Kenny W.
Columbus, OH
Kenny W.
Kenny W.
Columbus, OH
Kenny W.
Kenny W.
Columbus, OH
Instacart - Columbus, OH
It’s a pretty cool job if you like to work on your own time with no one telling you what to do haha

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