Pet sitting & walking jobs in Columbus, OH

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Make good money

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Pet sitters in Columbus, unite!

You’re asked to think about the job you truly enjoy doing and you can only imagine yourself as a pet sitter taking care of cute animals. Well, if this is the case, we’ve got fantastic news for you. You can now join online communities and look after puppies of various breeds offline. You can offer different kinds of services from dog walking to boarding in your own neighborhood in Columbus.

Columbus Pet Sitting Walking Jobs

Look for and accept pet-sitting jobs in Columbus and make money while having fun!

You’ve certainly seen people walking with six or seven dogs at the same time. First, you were confused, but then you realized they were pet sitters doing their jobs. You can be someone like them, of course, you can decide on the number of dogs, the time when to work and date and the rate you would accept the gig for.

What does the sign-up process look like?

The teams at, Wag! and Rover probably follow different procedures, but you don’t have to think of something difficult and stressful. When aiming at working in the care industry, people are required to do a background check and have a face-to-face meeting with a team and the future client. This might seem relatively long and tiring, but it is definitely necessary for a pleasant experience shared by the parties involved. Supposedly, you’d like to work with friendly clients and they’re probably looking for someone in Columbus they can trust.

What to know in Columbus

Everything! Well, discuss all the important details with your clients:

• What kind of food you can feed the pets with
• What kind of allergies they have
• How long walks they need
• What the rules are in the hose
• What they can and can’t do outside
• Where to take them for a walk in Columbus preferably
• etc.

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It’s a pretty cool job if you like to work on your own time with no one telling you what to do haha

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