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Why petsitting might be the best job in Bristol (or in the World)!

The answer is simple: you get to pet, cuddle and play with pets AND get paid in return!

It almost sounds too good to be true, but whether you are a student who can use some extra cash or a professional who would like to take a weekend job, pet sitting is a great option to make money in Bristol.

Want to know why? Keep reading!

petsitting jobs in Bristol

1. The demand is high, and the pay is good

There are a lot of pet owners in Bristol who simply don’t have the time to care for their pets. Their jobs and other responsibilities get in the way. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t care about the wellbeing of their pets. In fact, they want the best for their beloved fur babies, and they tend to pay very well for the services of a trustworthy pet sitter. Companies like Gudog and enable these pet owners to find pet sitters in their area. All you have to do is to create a profile, list your services and start earning money in Bristol by taking dogs for a walk in the park, or caring for furry kittens at your place!

2. You are your own boss!

This is the best part. Whether you are a cat sitter or dog walker in Milwaukee, you will decide when and where you want to work! Have an exam tomorrow? Don’t take any reservations today! You are an expert when it comes to dogs but don’t feel comfortable about petsitting a cat? That’s okay too! Just make sure to write it in your profile and enjoy your flexible work schedule!

3. Double task and earn more!

You usually walk one dog in the morning. Why not get matched with another one and double your income for the same hour spent? Some more experienced members walk 10 dogs at once!

Petsitting jobs in Bristol

4. Start your own business!

No, this is not far-fetched! Most of the founders of dog walking companies started out as dog walkers themselves! When you have enough clients and experience, you can easily create a personal website and offer your services to even more people around Milwaukee!

5. The least stressful job in the world!

Some people start their workday by checking their mail or going through their to-do-list! Yours probably involve going for a walk in the park with your favorite pal or playing with a kitten!

So, go ahead and browse all the pet sitting opportunities in Bristol and start your new career!

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