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Help your fellow Bristolians and get paid in return!

Are you one of those people who know how things work and therefore is able to fix things? First off, we are impressed. The world needs more people like you! But until that time, you can put your skills to good use, help your neighbors and actually make money!


With** online platforms** such as TaskRabbit in Bristol, of course!

Bristol handyman jobs

It’s very** easy to get started**. All you have to do is to sign up, create a profile in which you give a little bit of information about yourself, list your services and your rate and wait for people in need to contact you. Easy- peasy!

And it gets even better. If you have a full-time job or can’t commit to a strict schedule, that’s absolutely fine because as a handyman who is working with online platforms, you will;

  • Work only when you want to

  • Determine your rate

  • Work in areas you pick

  • Accept or decline customers according to your schedule.

Think about it this way; if your neighbor asked for your help with something, you would help if you have time. It’s the same, except you make money in return!

Best of luck in Bristol!

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Handyman / Handyperson - Bristol
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Maurizio R.
Hubstaff Talent - Bristol
Everything went well. Congratulations but
Beelivery - Bristol
If your happy to pay out expenses before claiming then back the following day with your commission then the job is for you

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