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A dream job in childcare in Boston? Oh, yeah!

Honestly, you can use various adjectives: a side job, an extra job, a part-time job, a full-time job, a fulfilling job, etc. As a sitter in Boston, Massachusetts, you begin your journey in the gig economy as you have imagined. No more overtime, hours spent in traffic and low hourly rates among others.

Look around you and see which online platform suits your needs in Boston!

Boston Babysitting

Sign up, connect and earn money as a sitter in Boston!

We assume you have seen quite a few movies showing a character making some extra money by taking care of the neighbors’ kids. Well, you can be that person now! Following some easy steps including going through a background check, you can start boosting your weekly income in Boston.

The signup process takes a few minutes, the last step of which is to create a compelling profile. That’s essential both when you aim at contacting families and when you decide to wait for the parents to send the first message to you. When you’ve had an in-depth conversation about all issues that can come up during your work hours, get prepared to sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to the kids. Of course, if you prefer to look after toddlers and younger children and not teenagers in Back Bay or Dorchester.

Tell me who am I and what should I be in Boston?

Ho, ho! What a question! Well, certified and non-certified sitters can also apply, but make sure you read about the requirements beforehand. Sometimes qualifications and first aid training are indispensable. Not always, though!

Regarding the second part of your question, that depends on your goals and the offers listed on platforms such as Sittercity or, or any other online communities you join.

Typically, you can choose to be:

• a traditional babysitter
• a nanny
• a tutor
• an instructor
• an in-house sitter

Your income will vary accordingly. Also, relevant experiences could make you more popular and allow you to set higher fees.

Refresh your memory or install childcare program!

Veteran sitters and newbies are more than welcome to read our blog posts related to childcare jobs. Sometimes we tend to forget the most trivial things, so going through the basics once again is always a great idea.

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Overall rating and reviews for Babysitting - Boston, MA
Babysitting - Boston, MA
Dennis m.
Dennis m.
Boston, MA
goPuff - Boston, MA
its not 20 an hour lol don't be fooled
Christopher S.
Christopher S.
Boston, MA
Kanga - Boston, MA
signed up got excepted but there was never any jobs in my area..and then when there would be a job I would accept it and customer service would delete it and say I wasn't able to do that delivery
Emmanuel H.
Emmanuel H.
Boston, MA
Uber - Boston, MA
The job was alright just wasted too much gas money

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