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The City

Almost everyone has tasted a wine from Bordeaux. But the wine is not the only thing that Bordeaux is famous for. It boasts of good shopping, too. You can find the famous department store Galeries Lafayette housed in an amazing building which resembles a royal palace in Bordeaux. It is also a very beautiful city, well worth its nickname “The Little Paris.” And don’t forget: it was recently named a Unesco Heritage city, so it sure is worth a visit!

Bordeaux Part-time / weekend / student jobs
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Bordeaux and the Gig Economy

Though very beautiful, Bordeaux has quite a high unemployment rate, so gig work might be the best solution for you, if you are struggling to make ends meet in this beautiful city.

Taking up part time or full time jobs via online platforms can be as flexible as you want it to be and you can easily combine other jobs, studies or family life with your gigs.

Just have a look into your options on AppJobs and choose the best for you. Here are some ideas:

  • Offer local tours to travellers. How about a wine tasting tour? We bet it will be popular!

  • Rent out your place, spare room or sofa to tourists to earn an effortless, passive income.

  • Teach online: French, wine tasting, math, guitar or even knitting!

  • Offer personal care services, pet sitting, cleaning or babysitting to families in your area.

  • Do bike deliveries - the city is super bicycle friendly and you can go almost everywhere with your bike.

Whatever your skills, talents or abilities, you will for sure find something to do to earn some extra money or a salary on AppJobs. Go ahead and start your gig journey today!

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