You’ve made the decision to be your own boss and join a growing part of the modern workforce as an independent freelancer, consultant, or gig worker. That’s awesome! With this decision comes freedom but very little support to ensure that you’re getting the right benefits and protection you need.

insurance for gig workers

What If Things Go Wrong?

As a gig worker, what happens when things go wrong on the job? For example what if you:

• Damage someone else’s property?
• Injure another individual while on-site?
• Fail to deliver on your services?

Or worse, what happens if someone simply alleges that you’ve done any of the above things and claims you are being negligent? And, whether you did or did not do anything wrong, can you afford the potentially exorbitant legal fees that might occur?

Gig Workers Need Insurance Too

It is unfortunate but over 100 million lawsuits are brought to court every year in the US — we all need good coverage.

AppJobs is partnering with Thimble to make it really simple to get the protection you as a small business owner or independent worker needs. Thimble makes small business insurance simple — providing on-demand liability insurance by the hour, day, or month.

Simply go to to get a policy (not just a quote!) in under 60 seconds



Insurance For As Little As $5

With Thimble you can get an insurance policy for as little as $5 to cover you for 1 hour worth of work! AppJobs and Thimble have partnered to offer gig workers two of the most popular types of insurance: General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance.

3 Types Of Jobs And The Insurance You Need

1. Insurance for Drivers + Couriers

As a rideshare driver, you may decide that liability insurance is best for you. But you may also want to consult a licensed insurance broker to determine whether commercial auto insurance, inland marine, an umbrella insurance policy or many other types of insurance is best for you.

2. Liability Insurance for Handyman Jobs

Did you just get a job with TaskRabbit to assemble a dresser?

This is perfect for General Liability insurance. If you damage the floor while working or if your tiles fall off a week after the job is done, Thimble’s General Liability Insurance is the right coverage for the job.

3. Insurance for Freelancers and More

There are 100s of professions that gain peace of mind with a Liability Insurance policy in place. Everyone from designers, computer programmers, teachers, life coaches, personal trainers and more have policies tailored to their needs.

You can also afford insurance

Annual policies can be hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually.

We’re excited to partner with Thimble because they’ve made insurance much simpler, providing policies that cover you only when you’re actually working. With AppJobs + Thimble you can get a policy in less than 60 seconds for as little as $5.