Eighteen is a long-awaited moment: it’s the age when you become an adult. This means that your parents will no longer be responsible for any of your actions. You can make your own decisions – you can even get married if you want to! And one of the best things about being an adult is that you can work at whatever you want – no restrictions, except in the USA, where restrictions on alcohol apply until the age of 21, so you can’t work in a bar or buy alcohol for other people, for example.

But what jobs are there for 18-year-olds? You can do jobs that fit your personality, your interests or, even better, a job that gives you first-hand professional experience in what you want to study or what you want to work in all your life. It’s great to have this experience at such a young age! And how wonderful to be able to earn money on your own!

You can create a profile on AppJobs and search for all kinds of jobs by category: pet sitting, babysitting, freelance, online teacher and much more.

Let us give you some more concrete ideas!

Jobs for over 18s that will give you professional experience Care Services

If your goal is to study and work with social services or a job related to medicine, you may want to

work as a caregiver. You can provide care for seniors or children, with ElderCare or Care.com, for example.

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Check out ElderCare in the USA: in Austin, Nashville, LasVegas, Sacramento.

Look at Care in the USA: in SanFrancisco, Phoenix, Los Angeles, SanJose. And in Europe: in Brussels, Madrid, London, Paris, Amsterdam.

Find more cities and more caregiving job opportunities on AppJobs.

Pet Care

If pets are your thing and you want to become a vet or pet trainer, what a fantastic way to become a vet or pet trainer! to learn more about how to care for them!

Check out PetSitter in the USA: in SanBernardino, LosAngeles, Miami, Houston.


Check out Rover in the USA: in Chicago, Dallas, NewYork, Miami. In Europe: in Leeds, London, Manchester, Birmingham.

Find more cities and more pet care job opportunities on AppJobs.

Online tutor

Is it your dream to become a teacher? Start practising now! Teach a language, mathematics,

programming or whatever you are good at and offer online courses. There are many platforms where you can offer your courses on anything you can imagine.

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Watch Verbling in the USA: in LasVegas, Houston, Dallas. In Europe: in Barcelona, Rome, Manchester, Munich, London. Elsewhere in the world: Bogota, BuenosAires.

Check out Udemy in the US: in SanAntonio, Phoenix, Houston, SanJose. In Europe: in Hamburg, Lisbon, Milan, Berlin. Elsewhere in the world:BuenosAires, Bogota

Find more cities and more online teacher job opportunities on AppJobs.

Freelance jobs in IT or marketing

If you want a career in IT or marketing, doing web development, coding, designing, blogging or

social media, there are many freelance platforms that you can join and do projects that are relevant and will offer you good money and valuable experience.

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Check out Codester in the USA: in Phoenix, Austin, Chicago, Miami. In Europe: in London, Paris, Berlin. Elsewhere in the world: Bogota, BuenosAires.

Check out Upwork in the USA: in Miami, Dallas, LosAngeles. In Europe: in Leeds, Munich, Naples, Vienna. Elsewhere in the world: Bogota, BuenosAires,

Check out PeoplePerHour in the USA: in LasVegas, SanDiego, Chicago, Austin. In Europe: in Lisbon, Rome, Hamburg. Elsewhere in the world: Bogota, BuenosAires.

Find more cities and more freelance job opportunities on AppJobs.


Are you good at the arts? Do you like to paint, design your own clothes or create jewellery? Maybe you want to become a photographer, actor or musician, you can start selling your art online, do acting jobs, do photoshoots at events or do gigs at parties

with your band!

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Check out Etsy in the USA: in FortWorth, SanAntonio, PhoenixPhoenix, LosAngeles. In Europe: in Munich, Valencia, Barcelona, Liverpool. In other cities around the world: BuenosAires.

Check out GigSalad in the USA: in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Nashville. Find more cities and more artistic freelance job opportunities on AppJobs.

There are a large number of jobs for over 18s on AppJobs and in different fields. Take the plunge and see what platforms are available in your city by typing the name in the search area. You may discover something you would never have thought of. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for useful videos and follow us on Facebook.