Online surveys can be a good way to make some extra money in your spare time from your laptop or smartphone. Although online surveys might not be a great way to make a huge amount of cash, you can use them to top up your income. There are several different survey sites available. They work closely with companies who are looking for people to survey about products, services, habits, and more.

Can You Actually Make Money Off Surveys?

You can make money taking online surveys. However, you will usually need to take a lot of surveys to make a decent amount. Most of the time, survey sites pay pennies per survey. However, this is a good way to spend your spare time if you would normally be on your phone or laptop anyway as it will add up over time.

All you need to do to start making money from surveys is sign up for an online survey site. There are no limits when it comes to the number of survey sites that you can sign up for. Companies use different sites to get their research, so you can make more money by signing up to a few different ones. However, consider that some survey sites might have restrictions – for example, one person per household may only be able to join.

Once you have joined a survey site, you will usually be required to fill in some information about yourself. This will include basic information such as your location, age, job, and more. You may also be asked more information about things such as your shopping habits, car, hobbies, and more to help companies get a better idea of who you are. Filling out your profile will help sites match you to more suitable surveys that you can take and get paid for.

You will not always be eligible for every survey, so don’t be put off if you ‘screen out’ of surveys a few times. The key to earning money from survey sites is to be persistent and try not to get discouraged even if there are not very many surveys available for you to take. The more time you spend going through surveys and the more information is included in your profile, the better chance you will have of finding suitable options.

Is Taking Surveys for Money Legit?

There are many legitimate survey sites available that you can use to make money. It’s a good idea to spend some time researching different survey sites before you choose which one to join. Once you have chosen a few good options, make sure that your profile is completed for each site and log in regularly to see which surveys are available. Most surveys have quotas to fill when it comes to who and how many people take them, so the sooner you get there, the better the chance you will fill the survey in and be paid.

In terms of payment, most survey sites pay in a range of different ways depending on which you choose. PayPal payments are a common option, or you can have your earnings paid to you in the form of vouchers for online stores like Amazon.

Can You Make Money from Survey Junkie and Other Survey Sites?

If you take surveys on a regular basis, you can make money from Survey Junkie and other similar survey sites. To maximise your earnings, it’s a good idea to log into the survey site daily and take as many surveys as are available you. Don’t worry too much if you are not suitable for lots of surveys since this is normal. The more you persist, the more you will come across a survey that you can take.

Remember that survey sites and research companies want to get useful data from their research. Because of this, you may be removed from a survey if you are rushing through it too quickly or giving answers that do not make sense. To earn money from surveys, it is important to take your time and put some thought into the answers that you give. Don’t try to give untruthful answers to try and qualify to take a survey since this will be picked up on and your account might get blocked.

Some Trustable Survey Sites to Consider

When it comes to taking surveys for cash, there are several reputable sites to consider. Some of the best ones include:


While this might not be the best-paid survey site available, it is a good option for making quick money since the surveys available here are usually short and easy. Most surveys can be taken on your smartphone making it a good option for anybody who wants to take surveys and earn money on the go. Along with surveys you can also earn additional money from taking part in in-person research interviews or video calls.


PopulusLive is a survey site that offers quick and easy surveys that pay more compared to many other sites. If you take a lot of surveys, you can easily earn up to £12 per hour from this site, using your smartphone or computer. However, before you sign up it is worth knowing that the survey availability is not always great, and you need to earn £50 before you can transfer your cash out.

Prolific Academic

This survey site offers surveys that are created by universities, lecturers and students who have been given grants for carrying out research. This can often make the payments more generous compared to general survey sites. Many surveys pay £5 or even more, and others offer bonuses to participants who perform well.

GfK MediaView Panel

This is another good site to consider if you want to start making money from taking surveys. It is one of the easiest ways to earn money from surveys, with questions about programmes, TV shows, and more that you may have seen or heard recently. If you enjoy entertainment and want to give your opinions on the shows, movies, radio shows, podcasts, and other forms of entertainment that you like, this site could be quite fun for you to use.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is one of the most popular survey sites available and is great for anybody who wants to get paid straight away. When you take surveys and earn money from them on this site, you can get an instant PayPal pay-out. Surveys are reliable and regularly updated. You can also take other tasks to earn extra money.

Curious Cat

This is an app that you can download to your smartphone to take surveys. It is easy to use and super simple for when you are on the go. New surveys are added daily, and you can get notifications straight to your phone when a survey that you might be interested in is added. You will earn a certain number of points per survey, which can vary, and these are converted to pennies in your balance.


Another easy to use app that you can download to take surveys from is PollPay. You can also access the desktop version where you can sometimes find exclusive surveys to take that are not available in the app. PollPay offers surveys on a wide range of topics that are usually updated daily. You can get paid directly to PayPal for a small fee or convert your earnings to Amazon vouchers free of charge.


Swagbucks is one of the most popular survey sites out there. They are one of the most well-known market research companies with a strong social media presence. You can take surveys to earn money along with other tasks that you can do to boost your income further. This includes online shopping, playing games, watching online videos and more. They even have a Chrome extension that you can use to continue earning points in the background for your online activity.

Do Sites Like My Digital Survey Pay Out?

Once you have joined a survey site and started taking some surveys, you want to be sure that you are going to get paid for them. As long as you join a survey site with a good reputation, you can usually be guaranteed pay. You will also need to make sure that you follow the rules. If you are not answering surveys truthfully or rushing through surveys, then your account may be blocked, and you may not be able to access your earnings.

All of the above survey sites are reputable options that are known for paying out. You may not always get paid immediately. Some sites have a limit on how much you can earn before you can request a pay-out. Your pay-out time might also depend on how you have requested to be paid. You may need to wait a few days for the money to appear in your PayPal account so don’t worry if you have requested a pay-out and the money is not there straight away.

If you have some spare time and want to earn some extra money, taking surveys can be a good option to consider.