If you are a ridesharing driver, you already know how easy it is to find and pick-up passengers in your free time. But have you ever wondered if there is a certain strategy for driving that will help you earn more money? If so, stay with us – because this is about how you can maximize your income as a driver.

We’ll explain how this works.

best hours to drive

It might sound like a cliche, but you do have to drive the busiest places for maximum earnings. When peak hours hit, prices also surge with most of the driving apps. What does that mean? Well, the sum you earn on a normal ride can be doubled, tripled, or even more! There are hours and places where prices surge – and that’s where you want to be roaming around for extra earnings!

And although surge hours and locations vary by city, you can keep an eye out for downtown areas on Friday and Saturday evenings from 8 PM to 3 AM. Surge areas may also be marked somehow on your driver app so you can easily find them!

To give a couple of examples….

Most trip requests in Los Angeles happen Downtown, in Hollywood, Santa Monica, or Manhattan Beach; in London, the best spots to drive around are Western University, Central London and Richmond Row; and Sydney’s weekends will be all about the Eastern Suburbs, CBD, the Rocks or Inner West. Driving in Johannesburg? You will definitely earn most in Sandton, Illovo and Parkhurst.

These are peak areas not only on weekend evenings, but also on morning rush hours (7AM – 10AM) and afternoons when people come home from work (5PM – 7PM). And, if you’re a really early bird, some crazy earnings can be made giving airport rides at 4 AM. It’s all about what hours you are most comfortable with – but you have to place yourself strategically in order to make considerably more money as a rideshare driver!

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