According to the Office For National Statistics, 6% of all UK workers use sharing economy apps to increase their day-to-day income. Platforms such as TaskRabbit are thus enabling more and more locals in London, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow and Brighton to challenge traditional working habits and explore new streams of income. However, when it comes to dealing with taxes as a gig worker, it can get a bit confusing. This is why we have prepared a brief, yet useful guide on the current rulings for taxes regarding gig workers in the UK.

First of all, Taskers are not considered employees of TaskRabbit; they are what TaskRabbit calls independent contractors. Basically, independent contractors set their own hourly rates, set their own schedules, determine their own work areas – and pay their own taxes. And this is where it can get tricky to understand – but we will help you to figure it out!

taskrabbit taxes

How does it work?

Payment received from the site is not taxed and needs to be reported to the HMRC by you, as an independent contractor. How to do this? It’s quite easy, really! Simply download your Transaction History directly from TaskRabbit’s website! If you have any questions in the process of reporting, the HMRC will always provide on-time customer support and guidance and can be easily reached at 0300 200 3402.

When one of the biggest challenges of self-employed Taskers is to deal with their taxes, HMRC tries from 2016 continuously to answer all questions and provide all necessary help for self-employed gig-workers in the UK. Have a bit of a clearer idea on how to proceed with taxes? Then wait no more and sign up for TaskRabbit in London, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow and Brighton.

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