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Looking for the best jobs for teens in the UK? Read our post and find out what jobs you can do and what you need to know about employment laws.

Are you looking for jobs hiring 16-year-olds with or without experience? Read our blog post to find out what kind of part-time, online and summer jobs are out there for teenagers like you.

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Throughout the world, there are rules and regulations regarding child and teen employment. Before teenagers set out to work in their hometown, they must gain knowledge of both the laws that protect them and the rights they have. Now we

Take up jobs for 18 year olds that can earn you good money, while offering you professional experience relevant to what you want to study and later work with!

Read all about the general rules for youth labor around the world and get ideas about what you can do to combine school and work.

Calling all teenagers. You too can make money in the gig economy with a summer or part time job. Get independent and develop life skills at the same time.