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In 2020, students and other workers can see a rise in the minimum wage in nearly half of the states. Are you a student working or looking for work in the USA? Learn about the student minimum wage that applies

Numerous students spend the summer and/or the school year working to be able to support themselves during college years. In case you’re currently looking for a job, check out our list of the best part-time jobs for college students in

To all students out there: if you need an excuse to not find a flexible job while studying, then DO NOT READ this blog post. You might find one…

AppJobs has analysed UK Gov data to reveal the average salary range graduates can expect to earn in the first five years after leaving university and the top-earning institutions to study at.

Meet Piotr. As many international students, he needs a flexible job that will allow him to study, work and, of course, have fun. He tells us why he is considering start working as a Foodora rider.

As a student you have many reasons to start an app-based job! Learn what your options are with AppJobs and start earning the extra money you need in the most convenient way.

There are definitely some perks that all the appjobbers out there enjoy - the flexibility and independence that comes with it, and the opportunity to explore a new, different way of working.

Whether you need to work to pay the bills or you’re just looking for an extra job to save up for a trip or a concert ticket, balancing school life with a job is not easy.

Find out if your study permit allows you to work in South Africa.