Remember when those rocky islands in the Stockholm Archipelago or the Western forests in Värmland were put up on Airbnb for travelers to explore? Sweden has created some pretty amazing stuff to attract tourists! However, there is no need to wait for summer visitors when it comes to renting out your space.

Sweden has been battling a housing crisis fora while now, and 600,000 homes still need to be built by 2025 in order to accommodate the growing population of Sweden. If you choose to rent your place out, you will not only help travelers in need of housing but also make some money! Plus, most young people also don’t own a car, so when they need a ride they will most likely choose ride-sharing options, just as they prefer to rent things rather than buy them.

Thus, we mean it when we say that renting out is probably one of the easiest ways of making money in Sweden.

But what exactly can you rent out?

1. Your apartment or room

If you have the legal right to sublet the place you are living in, you can easily do so with rental platforms such as FlipKey, Renthia, or HomeAway. Airbnb might be the most popular option out there, but it’s reassuring to know it is not the only one! In fact, there are dozens of rental platforms around Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. Simply list your home on a couple of them, and wait to be booked!

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2. Share your car or boat

If you own a car in Sweden, there is one very easy way of earning money. Many Swedes are afraid of simply renting out their car to a complete stranger for a couple of days, and that’s completely understandable. Happily, SnappCar has come with a solution – by joining this car-sharing community, you can offer paid rides to trusted travellers whenever you’re commuting outside your city. Same applies if you’re the proud owner of a boat! Sailo is the perfect choice if you have an extra bed in your boat – whether it’s parked or you’re sailing!

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3. Rent various items


If you have random items forgotten in your cupboard, or lying around your house, rest assured! You can now make quick passive income by renting them out! Tents, Dj sets, sports equipment, iPhones, leaf-blowers, baby prams and even clothes can be rented out online if you live in Sweden. And while apps such as Hygglo are designed to help you rent anything imaginable, GrannSaker has a soft spot for gardening tools, and Delbar even allows boats and parking spots to be rented!

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If you don’t have any property to rent but still need a cash check other opportunities in: Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmo.