Student jobs in Stockholm
Piotr Adamatis, from Lithuania. He is a student at KTH, in Stockholm.*

Piotr Adamatis is a newcomer in Sweden. Like many international students, he needs a flexible job that will allow him to study, work and, of course, have fun. He tells us why he is considering working as a Foodora rider.

Why did you decide to move to Sweden?

I came to Sweden for a full Master in Civil and Architecture Engineering at KTH. I wanted to dig into Swedish culture and try new things.

Why are you interested in starting to work as a Foodora deliverer?

Nowadays, we don’t even see where we live. We wake up in a room, which is inside, and we go to another room, and we don’t get to spend a lot of time outside. So my idea was to be a bit outside. When you are outside, you can breath fresh air, and I believe you feel better afterward, more close to the ground. Of course, nowadays sustainability makes the insides more comfortable but, still, I am willing to get a job that allows me to work outside.

What does this job mean to you?

The easy answer: student life, extra money, flexible schedule. I didn’t really have a student life in my country because I was living with my parents. Now I live alone and I can party every day, but my student life is not only about partying. I am willing to try something unusual which can give me beneficial skills or experiences.

What is your main goal in Sweden?

My main goal is to learn Swedish. If I know one more language, this is already a plus. I am that kind of person who likes to be around people, but sometimes I prefer privacy. In Sweden, you can do both. You can go to a national park next to the city or a cozy cafe in city centre. For me, this is a benefit, I like that mix.

Piotr is just missing a bike, but he already knows where to find special deals to start working!

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