Summer jobs are timeless when it comes to building experience, getting your foot in the door, or learning about skills you didn’t know you had. Not to mention the good earnings! After spending your Midsummer dancing around in the sunshine, here are some quick work opportunities you don’t want to miss this season! And the best thing is: you won’t be fired from any of them – unless you want you. You know why? Because you will be the boss. So, come together!

Who are summer jobs for?

People then to think that summer jobs are reserved for teenagers or students. Wrong! Anyone can benefit from getting a job in the summer. In fact, you can even turn your summer gig into a full-time job!

What can I work with?

You can become a local guide, pet sit pooches, deliver food around Stockholm, Malmö, or Gothenburg, or even help your neighbours mow their lawn. It’s all up to you! Stay close and we’ll explain everything about it.

1. Be a local guide in beautiful Sweden

Sweden has some particularly pretty cities. If you think you know all the hidden gems in your town, go ahead and customize an interesting tour for travellers too! With Triple, you can earn as an Insider guide, even if you don’t have an official certification for it. Simply walk tourists around Stockholm, Malmo, or Gothenburg, and help them have the best experience in Sweden! On the other hand, if you’re on the humanitarian side, U2GUIDE will donate half of all earnings to local trusted NGOs.

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2. Pet sit adorable animals

Would you rather earn by taking care of dogs, cats, or even rabbits? If so, you can join apps like PetBacker! With PetBacker, you can choose to walk dogs, sit them at home, and even offer grooming services if you’re a pro in canine looks and health.

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3. Deliver amazing food with your bike

Swedish cities are easy-going spots when it comes to biking, especially during summer. When the traffic is low and the sun is shining, you could be making money as a delivery rider too! And what better way there is to keep that beach body in shape? Join the pink or green riders of Foodora and boost your summer revenue one tip at a time!

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4. Do random tasks that pay well

Water people’s plants while they’re on holiday, pick-up clothes from the dry cleaner’s, help families move, or simply shovel dead leaves off lawns. If doing small tasks around the city is your go-to summer job, you can’t go wrong. What apps can you use to make money this way?

TaskRunner is especially great for you, who have good skills in fixing things around the house, gardening, or delivering small items. Yepstr, on the other hand, is more of a gamified app that will allow you to only carry out small chores at first. The more tasks you take on, however, the more “levels” you unlock and gigs will become increasingly profitable. They, also, can be anything between doing the groceries and mounting a brand-new TV!

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Last but not least, remember: you can always work in a flexible schedule, so make sure to enjoy the sun!


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