August 01, 2019

FedEx Express is looking for delivery partners in Toronto

FedEx, the long-established world-wide shipping powerhouse is opening up its new service, FedEx Express in Canada. FedEx Express harnesses the growing popularity of gig workers to make deliveries on the workers own schedule, without having to become a full-time employee. FedEx Express is looking for motivated professionals who can deliver in a timely manner around their own neighborhoods.

FedEx Express is a very new company which will be initially exclusive to Canada. FedEx, however, is a much more established company. Now a multi-billion dollar company, FedEx was once a humble business which brought farming equipment by air to remote regions of the united states. They have a long history of innovation which has allowed them to grow. You know how you can track your packages with that long number you enter online? Yeah, FedEx invented that.

FedEx Express delivery partner

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