Is charging scooters in winter a good seasonal job?

With the drop in temperature and many heading indoors for this cosy season, it raises many questions for those who brave the cold to work. In particular, for Lime juicers and other scooter chargers, it raises many questions of how-to and whether it is worth charging scooters in the winter. Here at Appjobs, we have compiled a list of important things to remember as a scooter charger this winter period.

winter seasonal jobs

How do I safely charge scooters in the winter?

If you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to have temperatures drop below 0C (32F) where you are, then only charge your scooter indoors: most scooters cannot be charged outdoors in the winter for safety reasons.

It is recommended that with all scooters, you leave them indoors for 30 minutes to allow the temperature of the scooter to be above freezing before you commence charging. That being said, if the scooter displays a red thermometer icon on the display, leave the scooter to warm up a while, it simply means the temperature needs to regulate before you can begin charging. (Note: if it was raining, then the temperature dropped below freezing the same day PLEASE DO NOT CHARGE THE SCOOTER due to the impact this has on the scooter batteries.)

Make sure that when you put the scooters back outside, the battery cover is fully closed: this helps reduce the impact of the cold weather and makes the next charger’s job a lot easier.

If you find a scooter under piles of snow or with icicles attached to them, rather than trying to charge them it is safer that you mark them as broken as when the scooters are exposed to these kinds of conditions it makes them a safety hazard.

Is it worth charging scooters in the winter?

While the usage of scooters may be down in the winter, if you want to be charging scooters on a regular basis then it is time to migrate south. The warmer temperatures down south mean that there is less snow and therefore (most likely) more people still using electric scooters. Perfect time to take that vacation you’ve been wanting!

However, if you do decide to brave the cold further north, make sure to do so safely: take extra care of icy roads and reduced visibility if driving and make sure to make yourself visible in the dark and walk carefully when picking up and deploying scooters.

Looking for other winter seasonal jobs?

Other jobs to take into consideration if scooter charging is no longer available are jobs such as online selling, pet sitting, housekeeping, and eldercare. You can easily find suitable jobs for winter, depends on whether you prefer to work from from the comfort of your home or outside.

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