They say a magician never reveals their tricks and a professional cook never shares their secret ingredient(s). How about you? Are there some recipes that have been in your family for generations and you cannot share them with anyone except your children? Or maybe you’re an adventurous cook and you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and trying out new dishes found on Pinterest?

Meal Sharing

If you feel the happiest when you’re in your kitchen, preparing food for your friends and family, why not try to turn that into a part-time job and an extra source of income? Thanks to all the app-based jobs available out there nowadays, you can now become a home chef as quickly as your WiFi connection allows you to download an app and create an account! Regardless of where you live – either in the USA, South Africa or a small Central European country, you have some food traditions and family recipes for sure.

Do you live in Johannesburg and you want to show your cooking talent to friends and acquaintances living in your neighborhood? Do you want to host travelers from all over the world and give them a taste of traditional South African food? Luckily, we know the right apps and companies that will make your dreams come true!

Meal Sharing is one of the companies in South Africa that allows you to make some money while enjoying delicious food and hosting guests from all over the world.

Can you prepare a killer Samosa? Do you find your dinner guests hungry for another serving of your Potjiekos? After signing up for Meal Sharing, you are guaranteed to find people who will gladly pay to try your authentic home cooking.

meal sharing

Meal sharing is a worldwide community, of course! It helps you get a bit of an income by selling the food you so lovingly prepare in your very own kitchen. Why be selfish, when you can make Joburg’s taste buds dance at the taste of your spices? Whatever meals you like best to prepare, be it a braai or an indoor endeavor, you could be listing your kitchen on Meal sharing today! Welcome your guests from all over the world and get cooking!

Here are 3 recipes for a traditional South African meal to inspire your next dinner party – or your next home cooking gig!

1. Let’s Start with a Main Course – Cape Malay Curry

Back in the 17th century, the Dutch and French arrived and settled down in Cape Town with their slaves from Indonesia, India, and Malaysia, who brought their different spices and cooking methods with themselves. Then by combining with locally available spices such as cinnamon, saffron, and chili, Cape Malay Curry was born.

While the origins of this recipe come from Cape Town, that should not stop you from making it in your cozy kitchen in Jozi!

2. It’s Time to Eat Dessert – Malva Pudding

The first word, well rather a sound, that comes out of our mouth is mmm when we are thinking about eating this sweet pudding of Dutch origin. Malva pudding with apricot jam is a delicious dessert we can eat every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Traditionally, it is baked at home for Sunday lunch, though. It doesn’t matter if it’s spongy, a kind of heavenly cream is often poured over it while it is still hot – that with the mix of custard and/or ice cream is a true heaven on your plate!

3. Finishing with a Glass of Cocktail – Amarula Dom Pedro

Or should we say it’s time for a second dessert? This South African wonder is the perfect blend of homegrown marula fruit and ice cream. This fabulous cream liqueur named Amarula Dom Pedro is the cherry on top of your fantastic dinner event.

Are you hungry now and ready to jump in the kitchen? Learn more about Meal Sharing and sign up to work in Johannesburg here! Do you want to discover more home cooking opportunities in Johannesburg? Click here!