The Australian job market has been experiencing a boom in recent years, and it is expected to continue like this. Similarly to other countries, the future of work and the role of automation are heavily discussed in Australia as well. The statistics show that several industries have become stronger, while others have failed to grow.

That, of course, encourages students and job seekers to follow the trends and educate themselves accordingly. Being knowledgeable about the Australian job market and its trends can actually help expats/immigrants as well prepare for their stay in Australia. According to the HSBC Survey 2018, the continent is one of the best places for expats.

jobs in australia

1 The Australian Job Market

The Australian Government published a report to present the job market, including detailed texts on various industries and occupations. According to the research, ca 12.4 million people are employed in the country, and young people comprise 14 percent of them. It is also shown that the 3.6% rise in full-time employment contributed mostly to the increase in employment.

Yet many young people still face difficulties to secure long-term work. For them, short-term side hustles could be an option to make some money while searching for a full-time job, providing that this is what they want instead of making a living as a freelance contractor in Australia.

2 The Strongest Employment Growth in Australia

It is projected that industries such as healthcare and social assistance, scientific and technical services education and training will grow vigorously. The demand for highly skilled groups (with post-school qualifications) such as managers, professionals, etc. will probably increase in the future as well. Young workers usually do jobs that do not require post-school qualifications. The future for expats/immigrants with a background in sales, aged and disabled caring, and nursing is promising, as the number of these jobs increased.

Of the 19 industries, the five largest employing industries are healthcare and social assistance, retail trade, construction, professional, scientific and technical services, and education and training. The largest numbers of new jobs were created in healthcare and social assistance (up by 301,600), construction (188,800), and education and training (126,500). The youth tend to work in retail trade (around 386,000), accommodation and food services (385,000), and construction (175,000).

jobs in australia

3 The Most Popular Side Hustles in Australia

It was reported that nearly 5 million Australian do side hustles. This means they either do contract work to make a living or do freelancing on the side. Some of the most popular platforms in Australia are Etsy, Uber, Airbnb, Upwork and Fiverr. Expats/immigrants working on Working Holiday Visa or Work and Holiday Visa could possibly find a job as a social media marketer, a virtual assistant, and a mystery shopper.

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jobs in australia

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