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Start working as a driver in the UK with an app like ViaVan with a little help of AppJobs!

More and more people nowadays use an app to e-hail a taxi rather than wait on the curb to find a passing taxi, so if you are thinking to become a driver with an app in the UK as a full-time or part-time driver, now is the time! You will get to explore your city, interact with all kinds of people, and make some good money.

There are, though, some requirements you will need to fulfil in order to sign up with one of the available apps in the UK, like ViaVan, Haxi, GoCarShare, LiftShare, Hopp o QualsiasiVan, for example.

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Requirements to keep in mind when signing up as a driver in the UK

Every driving platform usually comes with specific requirements and you need to check on Appjobs to see what they are. Meanwhile, here is a list with the più comune ones:

  • There is usually a minimum age limit – with some apps it is 18 anni while with others 21 years old.
  • È necessario avere un patente di guida valida.
  • Your vehicle must be insured.
  • You need a smartphone (Android or iPhone) which will be compatible with the driver app you will join.
  • To get paid, you will need a bank account or a PayPal account.
  • Some apps might require special licenses – to join ViaVan, for example you need a PCO license and a PHV licensed vehicle.
  • With some apps there are certain car specifications to meet – AnyVan suggests that you use a Transit Van (SWB, MWB, LWB+), Luton Van, Flat bed transporters and 7.5t HGVs, while Viavan requires that your car is from 2010 or newer.

If you fulfil the main requirements to join the app you want in the UK, go ahead and explore your driver job possibilities with AppJobs. If not, there is no need to stress, nor give up the idea of becoming a driver! AppJobs can help you! Continua a leggere!

Controlla tutte le app di guida in Londra, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds.

You might have a driver’s license, but you might not have your own vehicle, yet. Or you might lack the proper insurance. Does that mean that you should give up the idea of joining a driving app? Not at all! Various companies can help you by renting you a suitable vehicle or offering insurance, for example.

Rent a car

become a driver UK
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  • Con Splend, potete affittare un nuovo modello o auto nuova di zecca nel Regno Unito. Puoi anche ottenere sconti per i partner, il che significa che puoi risparmiare su autolavaggi, servizi fiscali e di contabilità, assicurazione sanitaria e altro ancora. E se riferisci un amico, riceverai fino a 100 sterline di bonus!

Per saperne di più su Splend, il concetto innovativo che vi darà accesso al veicolo corretto e all'assicurazione durante la guida con un'app.

  • EasyRentCars covers all of the UK and is the preferred go-to rental car platform thanks to many of the offered perks and benefits, such as best price guarantee, no credit card fee e free cancellation! You can also choose an pacchetto assicurativo in caso di danno o furto.

become a driver UK
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  • Quiqup gives you the opportunity to rent a car (apart from scooters and bicycles) so you can start working as a courier and earn money.
  • Hiya is a car-sharing platform that allows drivers to rent their cars to save time, money and hassle, including an assicurazione that protects all parties involved!

become a driver UK
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Get a car insurance

  • ZEGO: The policies available on Zego include cover for private hire work, Social, Domestic & Pleasure insurance for personal driving e Hire & Reward cover for food or courier deliveries.
  • Tapoly offers on-demand insurance for people like you, working with apps, so you don’t have to worry about commercial risks and have more time to focus on doing what you love.

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