Easy jobs to make money with apps in South Africa

It might sound too good to be true, but it really is possible to make money with apps in South Africa. Making some extra cash is a great way to supplement your salary to help make ends meet. Whether you are looking for part-time, full-time, or flexible work, finding work through an app can provide you with the opportunity you are looking for. Appjobs brings to the table a variety of side hustles which provide legitimate ways of making money with apps in South Africa. For many of these app jobs, experience is not a necessity.

Online jobs

It’s a myth that having a degree is the only way you can earn an income. The majority of the South African population is skeptical of online jobs and tend to stick with fully certifiable jobs instead for several key reasons; stability and legitimacy. However, if you search through sites like Appjobs for work, then you can find different jobs to suit your different skill sets or offer more flexible hours of work. There is a wide variety of online jobs where you can earn a supplemental income such as online survey taking or part-time earnings from online teaching to full-time jobs through freelancing platforms. To learn more about these opportunities read our blog post on online jobs in South Africa.

Become a driver

Driving is one of the oldest and most well-known app jobs internationally. Two of the biggest in South Africa are Bolt and CarTrip. 


Drive your own car at your own convenience and earn at least R100 per hour with Bolt. Driving itself is a fun activity, and working with Bolt gives you the opportunity to get paid doing something you love while meeting new passengers and seeing different parts of your neighborhood. 

Bolt makes it easy for drivers out there and provides an excellent driving opportunity where you can decide your own working hours and get paid by the end of the week.You can work whenever you want and still earn a decent income at the end of the week. 


You might associate carpooling with your school days, but it is certainly still just as in demand as back then. Carpooling is a great way to meet new people and earn some extra cash doing so. As long as you have a driving lisence and your own car, you are good to go! Planning for a weekend getaway to the Woodbush Forest Reserve or to head to the Forever Resorts Badplaas? Click here to register at CarTrip. 

Make deliveries

If you are looking for a more active way to earn money, then doing deliveries is one of the best options. No experience is required to do a delivery job, but it is expected that you will be honest and vigilant with your work.


UberEats at Appjobs provide an excellent opportunity for you to deliver food straight from the top restaurants to the homes of locals. As a delivery driver, you create your own schedule and can easily fit it around other gigs or your regular job. The best part of this platform is you can track the whole process on your mobile device and manage new orders with a few simple taps on the screen. 

Mr D Food

Mr D Food is South Africa’s favourite food delivery service. Responsible for delivering fast and hot meals to over 1 million users, they are always on the lookout for friendly and reliable delivery drivers to join the team. Try out delivery work on your own schedule using Mr D Food. 

Cleaning Jobs

Cleaning is another popular and reliable way to help supplement your income and contribute towards your bills – this is why many people are working with apps such as Sweep South

Bark- House Cleaning 

Cleaning homes helps people in your community keep their homes tidy. App-based platforms such as Bark hire hard-working household cleaners to help match them with the perfect clients. 

How Does Bark Work?

There are hundreds of job seekers who have found jobs through Bark. From freelancing to language learning. Bark provides a quick registration process that can be done within a few minutes. All you need to start with is:

  1. Set up a comprehensive profile 
  2. Receive and accept leads!

Bark has a variety of different cleaning jobs including weekly house cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning as well as kitchen appliance cleaning. 

Click here to learn more about cleaning opportunities in South Africa:

Handyman Jobs

From helping with DIY projects to helping around the garden, there are many opportunities to use your fixing skills to make some extra cash. 

If you are a skilled, professional and qualified electrician ready to help local clients all across South Africa, then take a look at Bark Electrician.

As an electrician with Bark, you just need to be ready to help with the job at hand. Helping to repair, fix, maintain work at the house, offices and buildings both internally and externally. 

Home Cooking

Do you have a passion for cooking? Ready to share your best dishes with locals? Appjobs give you the opportunity to make money using your kitchen skills. 

Johannesburg is a tourist hotspot. Millions of people visit to experience the culture and experience local food. Home cooking is the best way to share food authentically wherever you are across the globe! It helps you earn some extra cash sharing the dishes you love.

Click here to learn more about how you can earn cooking your favorite traditional food.

Pet sitting

With the majority of households hosting a furry friend or two, pet sitting is a great way to play with cute animals while earning. Using platforms such as PetBacker, Appjobs hosts a variety of platforms to help you get started. PetBacker is a platform exclusively made for all pet lovers. It’s a place where pet lovers can find their dream side hustle in Cape Town.

You can earn around 1,000zar each week with PetBacker: just make sure you fulfill their requirements when you register. Check what you need to become a PetBacker member here. 

House Sitting Jobs

Looking for a part-time job? People all across South Africa, especially in Johannesburg, are always busy working. With long hours, many parents are looking for an extra set of hands to help out. Whether it’s babysitting or private tutoring, there are many jobs that you can get involved with. 

Get in experience with jobs through Sitters4U and make easy money to help with the extra costs life throws at you.

Sitters4U requires you to have the following:

  • ID
  • Matrics Certificate
  • First Aid Course
  • Driver’s license

You can read more about Sitters4U’s requirements here


Times have changed and you can now find multiple jobs that suit your schedule doing things that you love. Appjobs can show you all the opportunities available to you in your neighborhood. Whether you have a degree or not, there are jobs for all skill levels: no prerequisites necessary. Find some extra jobs and try out some new opportunities to help supplement your income through Appjobs